Habitat Conservation | National Fish Habitat Action Plan

Fisheries and hatcheries are facing a habitat conservation crisis. Destruction of habitat and overfishing are the main reasons for native population decreases. Deterioration is the driving force for the development of the National Fish Habitat Action Plan.

NFHAP is a national savings strategy to take full advantage of conservation funds on the waters/grounds. Under NFHAP, Federal, State, Tribal, and donated funds are dispersed through regional partnerships to support fish habitat renewal projects. For recreational fishing, conservation groups, and seafood industry leaders, NFHAP has become an undeniable ally for America’s fisheries. This is the most successful effort ever attempted to treat the causes of fish habitat decline, not just the symptoms. Since the establishment of the NFHAP allies have:

  • Assessed the condition of all fish habitats in the U.S.
  • Prepared a Status of Fish Habitats in the U.S. report.
  • Established 19 Fish Habitat Partnerships in high risk waters
  • Funded hundreds of projects across the U.S. to protect, restore, and enhance priority habitats.


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